The Greenfield Fire District was formed in 1947 when the responsibility of neighboring towns, such as Greenfield and Wilton, grew too great for the Saratoga Springs Fire Department. It was divided into the following four companies: Greenfield Center (Company #1), Porters Corners (Company #2), Middle Grove (Company #3), Maple Avenue (Company #4). You can read more about the district’s history in the history section.

The Greenfield Fire District is run and managed by a Board of Fire Commissioners who are elected by the residents of the fire district. You can find out more about the Board in the Board of Fire Commissioners section.

Find out what our volunteers do in your community on our services page. Or you can learn what it’s like to be a firefighter in the Greenfield Fire District in the join section.

Fire District’s Boundaries

The district covers all of the Town of Greenfield and the south-western portion of the Town of Wilton. You can find more specifics about the district boundaries in the district map section.

District Characteristics

The Greenfield Fire District is the largest fire district in Saratoga County and has the largest membership in Saratoga County. It also has the most fire apparatus in one fire district with 21 trucks. The Greenfield Fire District covers a district of 82.910 square miles with a population of over 10,000 people. In 2012, the Greenfield Fire District responded to over 1400 emergencies, making it the busiest and most active volunteer agency in Saratoga County. Learn more about how the Greenfield Fire District serves its community in the services section.

The Greenfield Fire District is surrounded by the City of Saratoga Springs, the Town of Milton, the Town of Corinth, and the rest of the Town of Wilton. Each of which presents their own needs for mutual aid, which continues to add to the growing responsibility of the Greenfield Fire District.

About this Website

The original website was an initiative lead by the Board of Fire Commissioners to better serve the residents of the Greenfield Fire District. In October of 2006, a committee was formed and chaired by past Commissioner Richard Spackmann.

In 2016 the website was updated to the current version as a collaboration from numerous discussions.  District Administrator Joyce Petkus and Director of Purchasing Jill Chouinard oversee the website to keep topics current and information up to date.