The Maple Avenue Fire Department covers the south-eastern portion of the Town of Greenfield and the south-western portion of the Town of Wilton (which includes the Exit 15 commercial corridor).

For a more detailed description of what areas are served directly by the Maple Avenue Fire Department, visit the district map page. The Maple Avenue Fire Department has six pieces of equipment that serve our community. You can view pictures of the firehouse and find out more about these trucks by visiting the facilities and apparatus page. Additional questions regarding the department can be forwarded via our contact page.

613 Maple Avenue
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

Non-Emergency Phone: (518) 584-1401



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Classification: Engine-Tanker

Function: second-due engine to all fires and provide water supply to EL-293.
Water: 2,500 gallons
Pump: capable of providing 1,250 gallons per minute.
Personnel: 1 driver and 1 officer
Year: 2018
Make: Kenworth/Deep South


Classification: Engine-Rescue
Function: first-due truck to all motor vehicle accidents and vehicle fires
Water: 750 gallons
Pump: capable of providing 1,750 gallons per minute
Personnel: 4 firefighters, 1 driver and 1 officer (6 total)
Year: 2012
Make: KME


Classification: Engine-Ladder
Function: first-due truck to all commercial fires
Water: 300 gallons
Pump: capable of providing 2,000 gallons per minute
Personnel: 4 firefighters, 1 driver and 1 officer (6 total)
Year: 2009
Make: KME


Classification: Miscellaneous
Function: Main function is to provide manpower to the scene. Secondary function for traffic control.
Personnel: 5 firefighters
Year: 2019
Make: Ford F-350


Classification: Miscellaneous
Function: Provide rehab to firefighters and others on long term incidents and inclement weather incidents.
Personnel: 1 Driver, multiple crew


Classification: Medical Fire Response
Function: first-due vehicle to all medical emergencies
Personnel: 4 Emergency Medical Technicians or firefighters
Year: 2005
Make: Jeep Grand Cherokee


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Firefighters of the Maple Avenue Fire Department

  • Kyle Abrams
  • Duane Bogardus
  • Michael Bogardus
  • Bryan Chouinard
  • Scott Dussault
  • Ed Fink, Sr.
  • Ed Fink, Jr.
  • Michael Halligan
  • Ruizhe Steven Hao
  • Nate King
  • Zakary King
  • Connor Krueger
  • Kendra Krueger
  • Noah Lake
  • Jeff Lawton
  • Josh Lawton
  • Robert Ludwig
  • Tyler Rapant
  • Cory Reale
  • Kevin Scala
  • Robert Williams

Life Members of the Maple Avenue Fire Department

A life member is a firefighter who has served more than fifteen years in the fire district and has retired from active service.

  • David Barton (D)
  • Roger Bechard (D)
  • Gary Bullard
  • Fernand Chouinard (D)
  • Doug Clark
  • Stan Clark (D)
  • Paul Coneski
  • Patrick Delay (D)
  • Walter Denew, Jr. (D)
  • Dean Deuel, Sr. (D)
  • Dean Deuel, Jr.
  • Morgan Filkins (D)
  • Jack Freeburn (D)
  • Kevin Greenwood
  • Ed Harran (D)
  • Victor Huggard
  • David Hyde
  • Ed Jewell (D)
  • Toby Jones
  • Bryan King (D)
  • John King
  • Don Kugler (D)
  • John Lant
  • Edward Lewis (D)
  • Richard Mangona
  • John McEachron, Sr.
  • Kenneth Merchant
  • Don Meyers
  • Michael Monroe
  • Herb Palmieri (D)
  • William Petel
  • Chili Richmond (D)
  • William Savage
  • Bill Slater
  • David Smith
  • Mark Smith
  • Mike Smith
  • Richard Spackmann
  • William Staiger (D)
  • Forrest (Ken) Traver (D)
  • Janet Traver (D)
  • Bill VanBuren


(D) Deceased



Maple Avenue Auxiliary Members


  • Sara Bogardus
  • Ed Fink, Sr.
  • Elois Fink
  • Renee Jewell
  • Corina King
  • Mary Richmond
  • Laura Scala
  • Karen Wood


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Firematic Officers

Firematic Officers are responsible for the emergency operations side of the company. Firematic Officers ensure that training is accomplished, command operations during emergencies, and ensure that the company’s equipment is ready whenever they are needed.

  • District Chief:  Derrick Barss           Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Deputy Chief: Duane Bogardus      Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Assistant Chief: Zak King               Email: [javascript protected email address] 
  • Captain: Nate King                         Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Captain: Connor Krueger               Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Lieutenant: vacant
  • Lieutenant: vacant
  • Safety Officers: vacant

Administrative Officers

Administrative Officers are responsible for the administrative side of the company. They organize the social aspects of the company: fund raisers, meetings and public events.

  • President: Bryan Chouinard
  • Vice-President: Kevin Scala
  • Recording Secretary: vacant
  • Financial Secretary: Nate King
  • Treasurer: Robert Ludwig
  • Deputy Treasurer:  Connor Krueger
  • Sergeant at Arms: Edward Fink, Jr.

Maple Avenue Auxiliary Officers

District Liaison:  Brenda Jennings