The Greenfield Fire District is always looking for new members! There are many ways to serve your community, either as a volunteer firefighter or volunteer auxiliary member.


Why Join the Greenfield Fire District?

There are many reasons to join the fire service; here we list just a small number:

  • Quality Training – You provide the commitment and we provide all of the training for free. From local and county training, NYS certified courses, to regional and national seminars and conferences – we offer you the opportunity to explore every avenue of emergency services and train you to be the best at what you want to do.
  • Service Award Program: earn a pension-like reward based on your service to your community!
  • Dress Uniforms – Look professional and show your pride in your dress uniform as you march along side your brothers in the many parades throughout the year. These uniforms are free to any member who has been with the department more than one year.
  • Annual Firefighter’s Banquet – As a member, you and your guest will enjoy this annual event held each winter to recognize the past year’s accomplishments of the department and celebrate how special our volunteers are.
  • Social Events – Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities for you and your family to get to know the other members of your department in a relaxing atmosphere. This includes conventions and parades, parties and fun fund-raisers!
  • Your experience as a volunteer firefighter provides an opportunity to serve your community, your neighbors, and your friends, at times when their lives and property are at risk. Your service is rewarding because you are helping when they need help the most. Words can not describe the overwhelming emotion one feels when a mother hugs in gratitude after you save her children.

Find out more about what it means to volunteer in the Greenfield Fire District by downloading our pamphlet.

The Application Process

If you are interested in joining the fire district, you can fill out the form below (all fields are required below and please include your home address so we can forward your request to the firehouse nearest to you), and someone will get back to you, or you are always welcome to stop by the closest firehouse on any Tuesday night after 6:30 pm and an Officer or firefighter can assist you with an application.

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