porter-corners-smallThe Porter Corners Fire Department covers the northern portion of the Town of Greenfield.

For a more detailed description of what areas are served directly by the Porter Corners Fire Department, visit the district map page.

The Porter Corners Fire Department has three pieces of equipment and specialty rescue equipment that serve our community. You can view pictures of the firehouse and find out more about these trucks by visiting the facilities and apparatus page. The Porter Corners Fire Department hosts a variety of events throughout the year. You can view photos of these events on the company photo page. Additional questions regarding the department can be forwarded via our contact page.

P.O. Box 41
405 Bockes Road
Porter Corners, NY 12859

Non-Emergency Phone: (518) 893-7390

Trucks are named according to their capabilities. For example, “E” stands for engine and denotes a truck that can pump more than 1,000 gallons of water per minute. “T” stands for tanker which means the truck carries a minimum of 1,000 gallons of water. Sometimes these trucks carry much more, sometimes as much as 3000 gallons. “M” means that the truck has a “miscellaneous” designation where it fulfills a unique responsibility.

eta271-small ETA-271

Classification: Engine-Tanker
Function: first-due engine to all fires
Water: 1000 gallons
Pump: capable of providing 1,500 gallons per minute
Personnel: 4 firefighters, 1 driver and 1 officer (6 total)
Year: 2007
Make: American LaFrance

f272-small F-272

Classification: Brush Truck
Function: first due to
Water: 250 gallons
Pump: capable of providing 750 gallons per minute
Personnel: 3 firefighters
Year: 2000
Make: F-550 (custom body from Central States Fire Apparatus)


Classification: Engine-Tanker
Function: first-due engine for all mutual-aid (for water supply)
Water: 3000 gallons
Pump: capable of providing 1500 gallons per minute
Personnel: 7 firefighters
Year: 2019
Make: KME Predator Custom Tanker

rescue-small Off-road Rescue

Classification: rescue equipment
Function: provides specialized equipment for recovery and rescue operations in remote locations
Specifics: Rhino ATV, four wheeler, snowmobile, offroad rescue sled and box trailer (to transport equipment)

Firefighters of the Porter Corners Fire Department

  • Christian Alvord
  • Darren Barss
  • Derrick Barss
  • Justin Burwell
  • Ian Cameron
  • Thomas Chandler
  • Walker Chandler
  • Shawn Coonradt
  • Jonathan Davis
  • Daniel Drumm
  • Scott Hays
  • Steve Hickam
  • Jaedyn Loria
  • Ryan McConky
  • Clinton McGowan
  • Dave Middlebrook
  • Anders Olsen
  • Larry Ramsey, Jr.
  • Walter Ramsey
  • Philip Richards
  • Margaret Roxbury
  • Robert Roxbury
  • Joseph Russo
  • Christopher Stanton
  • Patrick Waite
  • Shawn Willard

Life Members of the Porter Corners Fire Department

A life member is a firefighter who has served more than fifteen years in the fire district and has retired from active service.

  • Stephanie Burwell
  • Michael Chandler
  • Jeffrey Hickam
  • David Hurd
  • Doug Hurd (D)
  • Timothy Kahl
  • Erik Lloyd
  • William Lloyd, Jr.
  • William Lloyd, 3rd
  • Michael McFarlane
  • Frank Middlebrook (D)
  • Wayne Middlebrook (D)
  • William Richmond
  • Jack Sadousky
  • Richard Schwartzbeck
  • Timothy Subcliff
  • Jody Thew
  • Kenneth Waite (D)
  • Nancy Waite

(D) Deceased

Auxiliary Members

  • Stephanie Barss
  • Debbie Burwell
  • Chelsea Denton
  • Jessica Hickam
  • Kellyn Hickam
  • Mary (Betsy) Iaquinta
  • Melinda Iaquinta
  • Rochelle Miller
  • Danielle Willard

Auxiliary Life Members

  • Fern Ballou (D)
  • Fay Fagnant
  • Pam Hosier
  • Karen Hurd
  • Marjorie Jones (D)
  • Sandra Kanar
  • Dorothy Ormsbee
  • Inga Richards
  • Helen Stanton
  • Joyce Woodard


(D) Deceased

Firematic Officers

Firematic Officers are responsible for the emergency operations side of the company. Firematic Officers ensure that training is accomplished, command operations during emergencies, and ensure that the company’s equipment is ready whenever they are needed.

  • District Chief:  Jonathan Davis         Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Deputy Chief:  Derrick Barss           Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Assistant Chief: Walker Chandler   Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Captain: Christian Alvord                Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Captain: Vacant
  • Lieutenant:  Walter Ramsey            Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Lieutenant:  Shawn Willard              Email:  [javascript protected email address]
  • Safety Officers: Clinton McGowan, David Middlebrook

Administrative Officers

Administrative Officers are responsible for the administrative side of the company. They organize the social aspects of the company: fund raisers, meetings and public events.

  • President: Clinton McGowan
  • Vice-President: Shawn Willard
  • Recording Secretary:  Patrick Waite
  • Financial Secretary:  vacant
  • Treasurer: Scott Hays
  • Deputy Treasurer: David Middlebrook
  • Sergeant at Arms: Joseph Russo

Porter Corners Auxiliary Officers

  • District Auxiliary Liaison: Patty Kellerhouse
  • President:
  • Vice President:
  • Secretary:
  • Treasurer:

Auxiliary Mailing Address: P.O. Box 10, Porter Corners, NY 12859