middle-groveThe Middle Grove Fire Department covers western the portion of the Town of Greenfield.

For a more detailed description of what areas are served directly by the Middle Grove Fire Department, visit the district map page. The Middle Grove Fire Department hosts a variety of events throughout the year. You can view photos of these events on the company photo page. Additional questions regarding the department can be forwarded via our contact page.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 117
Middle Grove, 12850
Street Address:
25 North Creek Road
Middle Grove, NY 12850

         Non-Emergency Phone: (518) 584-2228

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ER – 281

Classification: Engine-Rescue

Function: First due to all fires, first due to all auto accidents with the jaws of life

Water: 1000 gallons

Pump: Capable of providing 1,500 gallons per minute

Personnel: 4 firefighters, 1 driver and 1 officer (6 total)

Year: 2004
Make: HME Motors

ETA – 282

Classification: Engine Tanker

Function: second-due engine to all fires and provide water supply.

Water: 2,500 gallons

Pump: Capable of providing 1,250 gallons per minute

Personnel: 4 firefighters, 1 driver and 1 officer

Year: 2017
Make: KME

F – 283

Classification: Forestry

Function: first due to all brush fires

Water: 250 gallons

Pump: capable of providing 750 gallons per minute

Personnel: 3 firefighters

Year: 2000
Make: F-550 (custom body from Central States Fire Apparatus)

M – 284

Classification: Miscellaneous

Function: first-due vehicle to all medical emergencies

Personnel: 5 Emergency Medical Technicians or firefighters

Year: 2014
Make: Ford F-250


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Firefighters of the Middle Grove Fire Department

  • Jaclene Becker
  • Daniel Crumb
  • Jean Crumb
  • Robert Crumb
  • Peter Dumar
  • Jay Ellsworth
  • Michael Fudzinski
  • Duane Hammond
  • Kenneth Hausam
  • Mark Heiland
  • Joshua Hightower
  • Timothy Kemp
  • John “Jack” King
  • Dain LaCross
  • Gordon “Mickey” McGrath
  • Brandon Murray
  • Melissa Van Heusen-Murray
  • Scott Murray
  • Edward Petkus
  • Matthew Petkus
  • Brandon Ralston
  • Christopher Thurman
  • Erik Welmaker
  • David Wilson

Life Members of the Middle Grove Fire Department

A life member is a firefighter who has served more than fifteen years in the fire district and has retired from active service.

  • Brian Bishop
  • Jean Bishop
  • Ron Bishop
  • Brian Bunnell
  • Danielle Cumm
  • Diane Czechowicz
  • Peter Czechowicz
  • Joyce Eichorst
  • Robert F. Eichorst (D)
  • Robert W. Eichorst (D)
  • Ron Eichorst
  • Richard Henry
  • Jason Jennings
  • Kenneth Kohl
  • David Krauss
  • Thomas Merrills (D)
  • George Miller (D)
  • Thomas Mitchell
  • Dennis Monaco (D)
  • Elliot Older, Jr.
  • Elliot James Older, Sr. (D)
  • Andrew Olmstead (D)
  • Joseph Post (D)
  • Carolyn Wagar
  • George Weingartner (D)
  • William Welmaker

Auxiliary Members

  • Donna Baker
  • Jean Bishop
  • Jean Crumb
  • Brenda Jennings
  • Christina Kellerhouse
  • Patricia Kellerhouse
  • Marilyn (Betsie) King
  • Joan McGrath
  • Cathy Miller
  • Melissa Murray
  • Louise Okoniewski
  • Rosanne Sammler
  • Kimberly Turner
  • Danielle Willard
  • Linda Yager

Auxiliary Life Members

  • Jean Bishop
  • Patricia Brust (D)
  • Brenda Jennings



  • Joan McGrath
  • Linda Monaco
  • Doris Older (D)


(D) – Deceased

  • Enid Older (D) – Charter Member
  • Carolyn (Olmstead) Wager
  • Linda Yager


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Firematic Officers

Firematic Officers are responsible for the emergency operations side of the company. Firematic Officers ensure that training is accomplished, command operations during emergencies, and ensure that the company’s equipment is ready whenever they are needed.

  • District Chief:  Derrick Barss                   Email: [javascript protected email address]
  • Deputy Chief:  Edward Petkus                Email: [javascript protected email address]
  • Assistant Chief: Brandon Murray            Email: [javascript protected email address]
  • Captain: vacant
  • Captain: vacant
  • Lieutenant: Dan Crumb                          Email: [javascript protected email address]
  • Lieutenant: vacant
  • Safety Officers: Jay Ellsworth

Administrative Officers

Adminstrative Officers are responsible for the administrative side of the company. They organize the social aspects of the company: fund raisers, meetings and public events.

  • President: Melissa VanHeusen-Murray
  • Vice-President: Dain LaCross
  • Treasurer: Mark Heiland
  • Deputy Treasurer: Chris Thurman
  • Recording Secretary: Jaclene Becker
  • Financial Secretary: Erik Welmaker
  • Sgt. at Arms: Matthew Petkus

Middle Grove Auxiliary Officers

  • District Auxiliary Liaison: Brenda Jennings
  • President: Melissa Murray
  • Vice President: Brenda Jennings
  • Recording Secretary: Roseanne Sammler
  • Treasurer: Jean Bishop
  • Deputy Treasurer: Donna Baker