The Greenfield Fire District is the largest fire district in Saratoga County covering all of the Town of Greenfield and the south-western portion of the Town of Wilton. The Greenfield Fire District has four fire companies that cover the property within the district: Greenfield Center, Porter Corners, Middle Grove and Maple Avenue. These four fire companies divide up the geographic distance covered by the Greenfield Fire District.

You can view each of the individual fire company’s districts via the menu to the left, or via the map below. You can view online directions to learn how to navigate through the Greenfield fire district map here.


Questions about Fire District Boundaries

How are individual fire district boundaries defined?
The fire district was created back in 1947 and the sister company districts were determined in a manner that made sense at that time. Logical landmarks were used to help divide the sister companies amongst the district – landmarks such as railroad tracks, streams and tributaries and roadways are still used today to break up the individual districts of the Greenfield Fire District. Additionally, firehouses are disbursed throughout the district in a manner to maximize coverage of all residents of our community.

I want to send a “thank you” letter to a fire company, do I use the street address on this map?
Some fire company mailing addresses are different from their actual street addresses – visit the individual fire company’s home page (available from clicking on the firehouse on the map) to view both the street address and mailing address of that fire company.

It looks like I live right on the line between two of the individual fire company districts, whose district do I belong to?
The middle of the road is typically used as the dividing line between individual fire company district boundaries. As stated above, every attempt has been made to make this map as accurate as possible, but please feel free to forward specific questions regarding the fire district coverage to the fire district via the contact section.

How did you determine the colors to highlight each fire district on the map?
The Greenfield Fire District has an internal policy to mark equipment by color to identify which company the equipment belongs. The district uses blue to denote Greenfield Center equipment, red for Porter Corners equipment, yellow for Middle Grove equipment and green for Maple Avenue equipment. These are the same colors used to illustrate individual fire company districts on the maps.

This map contains data generated with data from the Saratoga County GIS initiative and the New York State Geographic Information Systems Clearinghouse. While every effort has been made to maintain a high-level of accuracy, there may be inaccuracies in the map data. All maps are provided “as is,” without warranty of any kind, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement.